What should be our next blog about?


As an ESTEEMED READER of our blogs,we are seeking your valued opinion in what topic should our next Data Warehousing blog cover?

Please note that we already host the following Data Warehousing related blogs.

BI Portal

ETL Process

DW Basics

Ab Initio Blog

Actuate Blog

Autosys Blog

BO Blog

Cognos Blog

DataStage Blog

Informatica Blog

MicroStrategy Blog

Oracle Blog

SAS Blog

Teradata Blog


Please pass on your VALUED OPINIONS via our COMMENTS section below.

Tutorial Blogs Team


  1. As a Beginner in Teradata Technology .. The Teradata Blog(Teradata Tutorial) Pictorial Representation helped me a lot in understanding the Concepts very easily. Thank you so much. Please kindly post about Teradata Utilities.

  2. Hi Kiran,thanks for your comments about our blog http://teradata-tutorials.blogspot.com/.

    We have taken into consideration your request for details on teradata utilities and have already added in the download links to the following guides on teradata utilities.

    a) Teradata utilties volume-1
    b) Teradata utilties volume-2
    c) Teradata utilties quick reference

  3. Hi Divjeev we will definitely be looking setting up a blog on MS-BI if there are more related requests.

    Thanks for your input

  4. datastage materials are good for beginners...............

  5. Thanks Babu.We are happy to hear that you are finding our DataStage Tutorial blog http://datastage-tutorials.blogspot.com/ useful

  6. I am a Beginner in Cognos .. Cognos Blog helped me a lot in understanding the Concepts very easily. Thank you so much!!!

  7. Hi All,

    Could you please guide me how to
    download the informatica 9 documents

    my maild :prashanthsagar.bandi@gmail.com


  8. I am beginner in SAS. Information easy to understand

  9. I am doing research for an Autosys project.
    I need a document that compares old versions such as 4.5 to R11.3.5

    I need like an excel spreadsheet that shows the diferrences between the versions. Do you know if such a document exists and if I can get a copy?


  10. For a starter like me, this is a good resource to kick start !

  11. I have read your blog it was nice to follow even I am looking for your future updates. Hadoop is a highly growing & scoopful technology in IT market it’s an open-source software framework for managing big data in a distributed fashion on large commodity computing hardware.
    Hadoop training in chennai

  12. Thank you for the blog. I learnt IBM Cognos Report development from blog spot. It is a wonderful learning experience for beginners like me and I am happy with the tutorial you provided through blog. Thanks once again.

  13. I request you to post about frame work manager also.

  14. Hi,
    Developing new gen developer friendly BI framework with some extremely unique features. Would like to give u early access & love to hear your opinion. Please do let me know of how to reach out to you. Would be launching product in 3 weeks from now.

    Also can you share your email-id so that we can more details about the product.


  15. Thank you for the informative site.The only concern is how do we download the pdfs under WebFOCUS section as the text is not hyperlinked.for example
    Download WebFOCUS Best Practices.pdf

  16. Hi,

    CAn you please send the document how to create the launch page and adding FEX file in webfocus 8 GUI.


  17. Webfocus tutorials blog is under revamp.. please watchout for the revised version

  18. dear sir ,
    can you please make videos on abinitio and upload it into youtube so that a common man can gain knowledge from your side,and also god bless you

  19. very helpful, try to add more tricky questions which in turn will help in cracking autosys interview, thanks in advance!

  20. Am beginner to autosys,am feeling simple and very easy to understand the concepts.I will be bit lucky guy if i find oracle and unix related tutorials over here .Thanks a lot for helping us to understand and encouraging us to learn more technologies. i appreciate your work.

  21. Hello,

    I am a beginner to autosys and it looks simple in theoretically but is there any way to download autosys tool. If it not available to download then is there any way to practise those commands.